Our Story

The Curtain Rod Store is proud to offer the fine products of Skotz Mfg., Inc.

J. Scott Mulder inventor,  manufacturer and supplier of the Magne Rod® magnetic curtain rods and  Magne Blind® magnetic mini blinds for metal doors trademarked Magne Rod®, registering it to Skotz Manufacturing, Inc. his closely held company in 1992 and, over a decade later, in 2005 he registered Magne Blind® personally. Twenty eight years ago we saw a need for a way to cover windows on metal doors without drilling into the door.  

We pay attention to quality and offer an exceptional product.  We guarantee your satisfaction.

Magnetic rods have a variety of uses and can hold more than just curtains.  They affix well to anything metal. They're not just for curtains anymore. Lockers, appliances, vans and steel structures are some of the places they hang towels and other conveniences.