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Protect Your Home

Curtains are not only for looks, but they can protect your belongings.  Sunlight can bleach out your goods.  Protect them by hanging curtains.  Even sheers can protect your items from the harsh rays of the sun.  And, intruders.  Don't leave your windows uncovered.  It makes it too easy for prying eyes to see what treasures you have. We make it easy to hang blinds and sheers to keep your belongings safe.  Check out our curtain rods and blinds.  Keep your home safe.

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Welcome to the Curtain Rod Store!

Here are a few Creative Uses for Magnetic Curtain Rods Magnetic curtain rods are not just for windows.  We have a few suggestions that are unique, sleek, and stylish.  With a little imagination, you can find many uses. 1. Hang a MagneRod on your door Use a magnetic curtain rod on your door to hang your keys, the dog's leash, or maybe a towel.  The magnets are strong enough to do the job. 2. Hang utensils from your magnetic curtain rod in the kitchen What a space saver.  Hang your magnetic curtain rod on the side of the fridge and hang your utensils on it.  Saves space from cluttering your counters. 3. Display your kids' art Hang your kid's art fashionably from...

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